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Swimming pools offer myriad benefits for everyone, including providing therapeutic benefits to those with physical limitations. Swimming offers a low impact way to exercise and strengthen your muscles. Swimming, water aerobics and water walking are ideal exercises for people with physical disabilities or those recovering from injuries.

If you or a member of your family have a disability or medical condition you know it is extremely difficult trying to explain your needs to a salesman. At swimspaplungepool.com.au we have had many years of practical experience setting up pools for specific customer needs. We also understand your desire to have a beautiful looking pool without ugly equipment spoiling your view. This is not a problem when you consult the professionals at swimspaplungepool.com.au as we will create a beautiful and practical pool for you.

A popular solution for wheelchair users who can self transfer is to have the pool fitted so the coping is the same height as the seat, you can then just transfer to coping and spin around putting legs into the pool, then lower yourself down pool steps. The same applies to people with poor balance and other mobility related issues, a grab rail can be added if required. If you prefer to have your pool set up at ground level we can incorporate a drop down section in pool deck area which just looks like part of the main deck when not in use.

Sometimes a pool lifter is essential we can supply or design and build a hoist to suit your individual needs. This doesn’t need to be a ugly steel structure which screams out look at me I'm disabled. We have a variety of ways to camouflage it such as integrating it into a water feature, wall or seat. Being confined to a wheelchair shouldn’t mean you can't access your pool independently. Alternatively if you have limited mobility or balance issues we can work with you to design the perfect modification for your needs.

Another consideration is the sanitization of your pool, we will customize this to suit your requirements. Salt is the least maintenance, very quickly kills bacteria and helps in healing wounds. Some children with disabilities will drink lots of water when in the pool so it is very important to sanitize with a clear system such as an Ionizer, Nature 2 or Ozone System.

When it comes to pool cleaning and maintenance we can set equipment up so it is accessible and easy to operate.

We can fit your pool with hydrotherapy jets to help soothe your aches and pains. Pool heating will also be essential in most cases, we can advise on the best and most cost effective heating to suit your needs.

If you or someone in the family has a disability, limited mobility or an injury we can build you a beautiful pool at a realistic price.