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We are pleased to introduce the Modern Pools Range

This fantastic range of pools was created after incorporating many years of research to manufacture a great looking, great value pool in Australia for Aussies. Todays consumers know they don’t have to sacrifice the quality or design to have a small pool in the backyard, these pools will not only be a beautiful addition that you and family will enjoy it is also a valuable investment in your property. So not just because yards are getting smaller but because you don't want to spend the time and money involved to maintain a large pool, our pools will tick all the boxes.

The pools design allows maximum pool space for exercise and playing whilst still providing ample seating. The stylish & symmetrical design with very straight lines is exactly what todays architects and designers are demanding, you have more choice with an entry both sides and all the pools are available in a range of brilliant shimmer colours.

The pools have been hydraulically designed for superior circulation which reduces running and ongoing maintenance costs, it eliminates cold spots so the water will be warmer and eliminates areas of unfiltered water - mostly you will have more time to sit back and enjoy your own backyard paradise.

All the pools can have an added infinity edge or can have added engineered reinforcement to be installed partly or fully above ground. They can also be customised with spa jets, underwater lighting, heating systems and much more. The pools come with a Lifetime Structural Warranty so you know you have protected your investment.

Modern Classic Plunge Pool Infinity Edge Waterfeatures Modern Slimline Plunge Pool Modern Slimline Lap Pool Modern Courtyard Pool

Our pools are installed with only the Best Quality, Most User Friendly, Lowest Maintenance & Energy Efficient Equipment.

let us create a private paradise for you… Modern Spa

Specialists in Difficult Sites

Full Landscaping & Design Services

Fully Licenced & Insured

The Classic Plunge Pool range is 3.5m wide and available in 7m , 6m, 5m and 4m lengths

7m 4m 5m 6m

The Slimline Plunge Pool range is available in two sizes -

6m x 2.5m

 4m x 2.5m

4m 6m

The Slimline Lap Pool range is available in two sizes -

7.3m x 3m

5m x 2.5m

 both have a depth of 1.3m

5m 7.3m

The Courtyard Pool range is available in two sizes -

4m x 1.9m

3m x 1.9m

4m 3m

The Modern Spa can be installed as a stand alone unit or can be combined with one of our pools, and like all our pools it can be installed in ground or above ground

2.5m x 2.05m